Introduction of a company

Hadid Sanat Afagh Engineering Company is an equipment-oriented group that has been established with the aim of using 25 years of valuable scientific and practical experience and its workshop experience in the production of special parts, with the knowledge and expertise of experienced experts and creative, skilled and capable engineers. The main approach of this company is to try to meet the needs, produce knowledge and share it in order to promote the country’s industry, especially the part of the industry in which isolation and creating weakness has always been the goal of the country’s enemies Areas of industry in which high technologies are used to produce parts, and sanctions against such parts are seen as a means of threat. This is a lofty goal and a heavy mission that will be seriously pursued by God with the strong efforts and will of the officials and staff of this complex, so that the glory, authority and pride of the country and our dear people will be the joyful fruit of Hadid Sanat Afagh, who know themselves as children of the nation.