Construction of special transformers

Transformers are able to create a certain voltage and current ratio by changing the magnitude of voltage and electric current with a certain power and connect consumers from a few milliamperes to large amps to the mains and provide voltages from a few volts to several tens. In fact, the transformer can be considered as one of the main elements of power and transmission network.

In different industries and especially in military industries due to different applications, there is a need for transformers with unique and different specifications. Transformers that are different in terms of calculations, items used and type of output with ordinary transformers, and other parameters in addition to the main parameters are considered in the calculations. Usually the magnetic inductance in these transformers is higher and the thickness of the cores reaches 0.3, 0.15, 0.1, 0.08 and sometimes even 0.03 mm and in some transformers it makes special capacitors with special capacity. Noise removal and harmonic removal are also required in many cases. Phase differences and dotted heads are important, and sometimes a three-phase to six-phase transformer is made for optimal DC generation.

The company is ready to provide services to our valued customers in this field by employing experienced electric and power specialists who have spent many years building special transformers for special uses, especially in the military field.