laser Cut

Laser cutting is a technology in which different materials are cut with precision, high speed and great power using lasers. Due to the small diameter of the laser, the laser cut is very accurate and is used for low tolerances. In most cases, the only thing that needs to be considered is the material of the materialLaser cutting can be done on almost all metals, metals such as steel, iron and aluminum are most used in laser cutting. Compared to similar cutting methods such as wirecut, laser cutting is more suitable for small cases. The main advantage of laser cutting compared to other methods is concentrated energy, which has a small focal diameter and also has a high speed. Another advantage of laser cutting mechanically is that it is easier to work with and does not damage the edges after cutting. . In addition to straight cutting, this can also be done in the form of curves on pipes and profiles. With laser cutting, all kinds of precise and complex designs can be created with great care. Hadid Sanat Afagh Company, using experienced and specialized scientific staff and using the powerful and precise Bystar 3015 machine made by ByStronic factory in Switzerland, is able to cut all kinds of metals in a plate and also execute various geometric shapes on industrial profiles with different sections.