Manufacture of rubber and polymer parts

Hadid Sanat Afagh Company has announced its capability in the field of design, manufacture and production of special industrial rubber and polymer parts and is able to provide various services in the field of production of rubber, plastic and polymer parts.

These services include:

  • Production of all types of o-ring, packing, gasket, o-ring, V-ring, T-ring and… in different sizes of silicone, NBR, Whiton, polyurethane, EPDM and etc.
  • Production of couplings
  • Types of bushes, wheels and rollers (cylindrical, conical) made of NBR, polyamide, polyurethane, viton and…
  • Types of felt bowls consisting of various materials
  • Production of various apertures
  • Production of all hoses and double-walled pipes for radiators, irrigation, ventilation and all types of light and heavy vehicles and agricultural machinery
  • Production of longitudinal profiles