Research and Development

One of the most important missions and goals defined for the officials and employees of this company is the purposeful recording of scientific and practical experiences and reserves resulting from activities performed in three areas of construction, repair and supply. This is done with two strategies 1. Scientific and technological view and in order to achieve the science and technology used in products that are in the process of manufacturing by reverse engineering. 2. Recognize the bottlenecks and important parts that have been repaired and restored.

Therefore, the importance of growth and development in collections and organizations, along with advancing current affairs, is essential. The company intends to move towards the production of science and the development of products, processes and other valuable services. It also seeks to generalize these technologies in other industrial sectors or to invent a new product and replace it while maintaining the necessary operating conditions and efficiency and output. Therefore, “Hadid Sanat Afagh” collection welcomes research projects.

As a result, we will proudly use all the power of our specialized equipment and human resources in order to achieve the goals of our customers and make the research fruitful