Reverse engineering, Design, Construction and Optimization

This company works in the field of manufacturing all kinds of parts and especially in the field of manufacturing parts and systems of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, polymer, rubber, all kinds of filters, special tools, machine-building, all kinds of testers, etc. which have high accuracy in terms of dimensions and vast importance and sensitivity in terms of funcionality.

In the body of this company and for the production of parts based on customer order (assignment of drawings or sample work) and the use of required standards, a structure and mechanism is provided so that always, in each phase of project development to review manufacturing processes and product compliance with the request customer will be assured. The quality will be a valuable factor and an inevitable criterion to be observed and pursued.

Undoubtedly, the production of special parts, in addition to capability, expertise, accuracy and creativity, requires up-to-date, advanced, accurate and efficient equipment. The company has tried to equip its workshops with the above-mentioned devices and equipment, to be able to provide appropriate and diverse services in a centralized manner. In addition, the company will provide customer satisfaction by fiduciary and observance of the principle of confidentiality in order to achieve the issue of intellectual property of projects owned by the customer.